The Wise Thief

“The Wise Thief didst Thou make worthy of Paradise, in a single moment, O Lord. By the wood of thy Cross illumine me as well, and save me.” From the Eastern Orthodox hymn “The Wise Thief” sung in celebration of Holy Friday. The story of the thief on the cross (Luke 23:39-43) is often used … More The Wise Thief

Redefining Marriage and the Christian Witness

Though it was written before the recent court decisions, Houston Baptist University’s Summer 2013 edition of The City contains a helpful article to aid Christians in the conversation of homosexual marriage. Ryan Anderson writes in “Twelve Theses on Redefining Marriage” that there are “three crucial questions” that must be asked: “What is marriage, why does … More Redefining Marriage and the Christian Witness

The horror of Kermit Gosnell and the value of children

The beautiful baby that captures your heart as he or she sleeps in a crib could be traded in for a brand new shiny Ferrari, to paraphrase Sam Hananel of the Huffington Post. Are you willing to make the deal? Probably not. The government reported in 2012 that, for children born in that year, it … More The horror of Kermit Gosnell and the value of children

Chrysostom on Humility

John Chrysostom was no stranger to the attack of others who proclaimed the word of God, often out of selfish pretense. Thus it is fitting that his homily on Philippians 1:18 would be endued with the power of experience. In Concerning the Lowliness of Mind, Chrysostom argues that humility is the irreducible minimum in theological discourse among … More Chrysostom on Humility