John B. Mann, Ph.D.


Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary – Advanced Diploma of Theology (2005).

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary – Advanced Masters of Divinity with

Theology Concentration (2011).

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary – PhD with major in Systematic

Theology and minor in Preaching.

Dissertation: “Revelation of the Triune God through Word and Spirit: A Theological Critique of Karl Barth’s and Carl Henry’s Views of Revelation.”

Academic Experience

Adjunct Professor of Systematic Theology and Baptist History, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2014-Current). As an adjunct professor, I have taught both Systematic Theology and Baptist History on the main campus, on various extension campuses, and online sections. This has provided the experience needed to structure each syllabus according to the dynamics of the class.

Adjunct Professor, Scarborough College (2014-Current). Classes taught include Baptist History and Heritage, Western Civilization, and World Religions.

Graduate Assistant, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2011-2015). As the Graduate Assistant to Dr. Malcolm Yarnell, along with grading, I have assisted Dr. Yarnell in the development of various syllabi, I have been given day-to-day responsibilities for online courses, and have lectured in the classroom on various occasions, including the theological loci of the doctrine of sin, soteriology, and the Trinity.

Guest Lecturer, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (2014). I have served as a guest lecturer for Dr. Steven Smith in Preaching.

Guest Lecturer, Criswell College (2013). As a guest lecturer for Dr. Jerry Johnson, I have delivered lectures on “Spiritual Development in the Academic Life.”


“The Horror of Kermit Gosnell and the value of children,” Azle News, 18 April 2013.

“The Early Preaching of Karl Barth: A Review,” Southwestern Journal of Theology 54/2 (Spring 2012): 248-49.

“God is not dead, nor can He be,” Southern Baptist Texan, 17 December 2007.

“Current Issues Facing Southern Baptists in Texas,” Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, 11 September 2007.

Memberships and Recognitions

Evangelical Theological Society, 2010-Present.

Evangelical Homiletical Society, 2011-Present.

Zondervan Academic Award in Theology, 2016.

Local Church Experience

Senior Pastor, LaJunta Baptist Church, Springtown, Texas, November 2000 – Present.

·            During my tenure as pastor, we have received the blessings of God. We have seen all aspects of our ministry grow, including Sunday Morning worship attendance, Sunday School, and financial giving. We have actively implemented evangelism programs and training, raised mission involvement and giving, and discipled many new believers in biblical and theological disciplines.

Member, Central Baptist Church, Pampa, Texas, August 1994 – June 2000.

·            I have served in many lay positions including Sunday School teacher, Men’s Ministry coordinator, and member of numerous committees. I was discipled as a young adult and ultimately called into the ministry while serving at Central. As a member of this church I had the invaluable experience of serving alongside a congregation prior to be being called into vocational ministry.

Pulpit Supply and numerous revival services at surrounding churches.

Convention Service

2013 – Present: Member of the Board of Visitors for Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

2013-2015: Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Criswell College.

2012: Member of Bylaws Committee of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

2011: Member of Committee on Committees of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention.

2009-2017: Trustee of the International Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

2009-2015: Trustee of Criswell College.

2008: Vice President of the Pastor’s Conference for the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention.

2007: Resolutions Committee member for the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention.

Missions Experience

I have participated in mission trips to Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Personal Statement

As a minister of the Word of God, I have had the privilege to serve as a layman, a pastor, an adjunct professor, and trustee. This unique combination of responsibilities enables me to relate to both the Church and the Academy. My chosen course of study, a major discipline in Systematic Theology and minor in Preaching, reflects my desire to be an academic theologian who is engaged in the local church.

As a theologian, my interests are in the doctrines of revelation, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, and ecclesiology. Regarding history, much of my research has focused on the Radical Reformation, particularly the role of the Swiss Brethren in relationship to current conversations within the Baptist tradition.

My experience as both a professor and a trustee provides an all-encompassing view of an academic institution. Furthermore, my extensive experience as a pastor has taught me how to walk with people through various seasons of life. This has provided many opportunities for me to mentor students as they pursue God’s calling for their lives.

Most recently, my research has focused on comparing and critiquing propositional and personal revelation as represented by Carl F. H. Henry and Karl Barth. This work seeks to further the discussion of the doctrine of revelation by considering the implications of the triune nature of God for a view of Word and Spirit as it relates to the doctrine of revelation.

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