When Angels Laugh

One of the joys of researching the life of a famed theologian is that, after spending much time interacting with their work, you begin to notice characteristics of their personality. Those close associates and students who have written about the life and work of Karl Barth have indicated that one of the greatest characteristics of … More When Angels Laugh

Monday Morning Reflections: Blessed are the Mourners

Currently I am preaching through the Sermon on the Mount in a series I have titled “Authentic: Living the Genuine Christian Life in a Disingenuous World.” I have preached through the Sermon on the Mount before, but this times seems different. Perhaps it is the rapidly changing world stage or the more subtle undercurrent of a … More Monday Morning Reflections: Blessed are the Mourners

A brief review of “Living and Active” by Telford Work (ch. 1)

Telford Work’s Living and Active: Scripture in the Economy of Salvation  is a constructive, systematic work of immense breadth that is rarely seen today. Work has sought to construct a theology of Scripture founded upon the Trinity in an effort to avoid the personalism of liberal bibliology and the vapidity of a perceived static Fundamentalism. Central to … More A brief review of “Living and Active” by Telford Work (ch. 1)

Summer Reading

  After a challenging semester of reading in various areas of discipline, including systematic theology, preaching, and western history ranging from the French Revolution to Postmodernity, I decided to take a two week break from rigorous academic reading. In those two weeks I limited my reading to sermon preparation and a couple of books on leadership. … More Summer Reading

The Wise Thief

“The Wise Thief didst Thou make worthy of Paradise, in a single moment, O Lord. By the wood of thy Cross illumine me as well, and save me.” From the Eastern Orthodox hymn “The Wise Thief” sung in celebration of Holy Friday. The story of the thief on the cross (Luke 23:39-43) is often used … More The Wise Thief